The EU

Respect is in favour of a referendum on EU membership. The EU is an undemocratic plutocracy, a bankers’ Europe. It has gone on for too long and the issue is too important to neglect any longer.

Respect is a pro-Europe party, but not of the EU in its present form. It is untenable to continue pretending to be a part of a union whilst pretending we would rather go it alone.  There is no point in continuing to be a part of a union of 27 countries where 26 of the members are on one side and Britain places itself on the other side.

Respect will campaign to leave the European Union in its current form. However, if the British people choose to remain, we will campaign, along with our sister left-wing parties around Europe, for the EU to be a more inclusive and democratic union. The EU can be a flag around which the people of Europe can rally.

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