Galloway calls for action on police cuts and rising crime


    “The thin blue line has become an anorexic one,” according to the head of the West Yorkshire Police Federation, said George Galloway “and the crime figures are being massaged. If that is indeed true – and the police should know! – then the Home Secretary needs to immediately answer these highly damaging, highly worrying accusations. And she […]

Met police shooting kids with Tasers rises six-fold


Stun gun use on children should be banned, says MP.

Galloway asks parliamentary questions on Duggan shooting


George Galloway has submitted a series of questions over the fatal shooting of unarmed Mark Duggan in August 2011. Duggan’s killing led to widespread rioting, not just in his  neighbourhood in North London, but in cities throughout the country. The Crown Prosecution service today announced that the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester is to be prosecuted for safety breaches after an […]

Galloway demands former chief constable returns the £250,000

George Galloway has called on the Home Secretary either to ratify the £250,000 in payments to the former chief constable of West Yorkshire, or to declare them illegal and start action to recover the money. “It’s a simple question. Was Norman Bettison entitled to the bungs of a quarter of a million on top of […]

Galloway calls for police inquiry into Lewis land deal

Bradford West MP George Galloway has written to West Yorkshire chief constable Mark Gilmore asking him to ensure that the police inquiry into Kings Science Academy investigates the role of Tory vice-chairman Alan Lewis over the lease of land on which the school stands.   “Lewis’s name is all over the initial report of financial […]

The scandal of stop and search

Respect’s Lee Jasper argues that the Tory-led coalition has purged all traces of anti-racism and multiculturalism while following the French model May I apologise in advance dear reader this is rather long article. It seeks to deal with issues that a rarely covered elsewhere in any depth and so by its very nature has become […]