Water companies condemned for avoiding tax


Britain’s water companies are condemned for not paying their share of tax and for loading increases onto the public, in a new parliamentary motion.

RBS Bonuses


Galloway condemns the banker bonuses in parliamentary motion

Failed policing of the minimum wage

George Galloway today submitted the following parliamentary motion which calls for a zero tolerance policy on firms which pay below the minimum wage. An estimated 300,000 people are being paid less than the floor amount but in the last four years only two firms have been prosecuted. Failed policing of minimum wage That this House […]

The scandal of subsidising miserly employers

The taxpayer is paying benefits to more than 4.2million households in Britain where one or more parties are working, according to parliamentary answers to questions from Bradford West MP George Galloway. “And it’s a scandal that we are effectively subsidising miserly employers to the tune of more than £5billion a year, companies who are paying the minimum […]

Greed is not good, Galloway motion tells the London mayor

Following London mayor Boris Johnson’s invoking of Thatcherism, George Galloway today submitted a critical parliamentary motion rebuking him and pointing to the damage the former Iron Lady had caused. In a speech commemorating Thatcher, Johnson claimed that greed was a valuable spur to economic activity. The motion: Greed is not good That this House rejects the […]