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Respect officially passed a motion at its 2014 AGM backing a ‘No’ vote in Scotland’s Independence Referendum in September. This is because we believe that independence is bad for working people in both Scotland and the rest of the UK. Firstly, the break-up of the country would be catastrophic for the rest of the UK who would be effectively condemned to decades of Tory rule, but this would have a very negative effect on Scotland, who would never be truly independent because of their attachment to the UK (the currency union and so on). And, as the history of partition tells us, the break-up of countries always ends in a rise in sectional division when the dream of a better future hits the rocks.

This is not a position shared by all on the left in the rest of the UK. The Scottish Green Party are in favour of independence and other left parties have deliberately vague views. Through George Galloway MP’s lengthy Just Say Naw speaking tour, we are arguing that what we need is a real labour government on both sides of the border, and this would not be achieved by voting to break up the country.

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