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    Respect to campaign to leave the EU

    George Galloway has announced that Respect will join the Grassroots Out campaign to leave the European Union. The Respect leader appeared as a ‘special guest’ alongside speakers from a number of political parties on Friday at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster to put forward the ‘Lexit’ case for voting in favour of […]

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    Galloway to run for Mayor of London

        George Galloway has announced he is to run for Mayor of London in 2016.     He took to Twitter to announce the news to his nearly 250,000 followers. He has already highlighted housing as a key issue, saying that he can be a voice for those people who “feel that they are forgotten by the mainstream […]

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    Galloway goes to law to set aside election result

        George Galloway, who lost his seat in Bradford West to Labour’s Naz Shah, has begun the legal process to have the result of the election set aside and his opponent debarred.      “It has come to my notice that there has been widespread malpractice in this election,” he said, “particularly over postal voting. We are […]

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    Baptist church hustings breached Electoral Commission and churches’ guidelines

        An electoral hustings which excluded the Respect candidate breached both Electoral Commission and Churches Together guidelines and may result in the candidates who were allowed to appear having to bear the cost of the meeting. A complaint is also being made to both governing bodies.     Rob Hoveman, the Respect candidate for Thornton and Allerton, was […]

  • Migrants: 956 rescued by Italian Navy boat 'Fregata Euro'

    Galloway condemns callous government over Mediterranean deaths

        “This government has blood on its hands,” George Galloway said today. “In the last fortnight we have seen the reported deaths of over 1,300 migrants in the waters of the Mediterranean, in the last days up to 800 may have perished. There can be no doubt that if this ConDem coalition hadn’t pulled out of […]

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    Galloway reacts to Morrisons job losses

        Reacting to the news of 720 job losses at Morrisons in Bradford George Galloway said: “The previous chief executive was famous for casting a mist over herbs, the new one will be infamous for his savage casting of people onto the dole in one of the country’s unemployment blackspots. Why is it that the failure […]

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Tower Hamlets council bosses join Bradford Challenge

    The deputy mayor of Tower Hamlets and a senior colleague have joined the Bradford Challenge event


Galloway calls for Bradford Challenge to meet educational failings

    Bradford needs urgent measures to deal with its education failures, George Galloway said today, “Which is why I am launching the Bradford Challenge later this month”.The Bradford West MP is holding a public meeting later this month where education experts will put forward proposals to improve Bradford’s schools. Children’s services boss Councillor Ralph Berry has […]


Ward votes to save bedroom tax and condemn firefighters

David Ward was one of 35 Liberal Democrat MPs who voted with the Tories to save the bedroom tax just hours after he and his colleagues helped push through a measure which slashes firefighters’ pension rights. “The mask has been ripped off to reveal an even uglier face than their coalition partners, the ugly party, […]


Galloway calls for government to publish redacted torture and rendition passages

The government must publish the passages about Britain’s role in rendition and torture which have been redacted from the US Senate intelligence committee’s report on abuses by the Central Intelligence Agency.     Bradford West MP George Galloway said: “Today I have put two questions to the foreign secretary on Britain’s role in this obscene, illegal and […]


We need more primary ‘educashun’, says MP

    The government education secretary should visit Bradford to see for himself why the city’s primary school leavers are failing to read sufficiently well.