House of Commons

Proportional Representation

Respect campaigns for a fairer system of government; one that will more accurately represent the views of the British people. There is a broad left-wing consensus among people in Britain, but they have been locked out of the three party Westminster system which maintains an iron-clad consensus over the key issues of the day.

The country is crying out for an alternative platform and for a party which will speak out for them. Many people, especially young people, are getting increasingly disillusioned with the main parties and are in danger of falling out of politics altogether – many already have.

We can look towards Europe as an example of how a fairer electoral system could be implemented; many of our European neighbours have introduced systems of proportional representation and the benefits are obvious; many left-wing parties, coalitions and policies are flourishing such as in the Netherlands, where both the 50PLUS party and the Party for the Animals have seen electoral success.

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