End Tuition Fees

It is completely wrong and immoral that students should now be expected to pay £9,000 a year in tuition fees to obtain a further education. This is a fundamental betrayal by Britain’s political leaders, particularly the Liberal Democrats, whose leaders benefited from a free education themselves and who have now kicked the ladder from underneath them so that others cannot benefit from the free education that they themselves enjoyed.

Students who leave university now will be saddled with this debt throughout much of their working life. This disproportionally affects many lower-income families, whose children in turn choose not to go, or who have to choose which of their children go to university.

Education should be a right, not a privilege reserved for those rich enough to pay the fees. Education is a core tenet of our society; it benefits all of us to have a workforce that is better educated.

Respect campaigns for an end to tuition fees. We stand up for the rights of students to campaign against cuts to their educational standards and for a free education from the cradle to the grave.

Education is right not a privilege (Socialist Youth)

Education is right, not a privilege (Socialist Youth)

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