End Economic Inequality

The gap between rich and poor in Britain is now wider than when Charles Dickens wrote about the workhouses and poverty of Victorian Britain. Television programmes and popular culture demonise the poorest in our society through lazy stereotyping, while the establishment seeks to encourage division among the poorest sections among society, the better to detract everybody’s attention away from them.

It is unacceptable that Britain today is beset by such widespread poverty while the richest continually line their own pockets. Respect believes in progressive taxation, meaning that the more you earn, the more you should be expected to contribute to society. This is what we believe a fair society should look like.

While inequality may never be eradicated, the direction of travel must always be towards equality. We need to make people realise that the more they get out of life, the more they should be expected to put back in.

Growing gap between rich and poor in the UK (Huffington Post)

There is a growing gap between rich and poor in the UK (Huffington Post)

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