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Against Austerity

We in Respect reject the iron-clad austerity policies of the three main political parties in Britain. We need a new economic system which isn’t dependent on financial services and which is constantly in thrall to the banks. But more importantly, we reject the idea that the British people have to pay for the mess that was not caused by them.

We stand against the Tories as they deflect blame away from the people who caused the financial crisis and their attempts to make poor people pay for the crimes of rich people by their savage cuts to the welfare state and their crass and mendacious attempts to turn poor people against each other.

We stand against the role of the Liberal Democrats, who are keeping the Tories in government and who are therefore complicit in their dirty work.

We stand against the Labour Party, who no longer properly stand up for the rights of working people and who are complicit in developing Britain’s over-reliance with the financial services sector in the first place.

Respect stands in defence of people who have nothing to sell but their labour; those who certainly shouldn’t be paying our way out of the economic crisis.

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