united nations building in nyc

United Nations

The United Nations is an absurd excuse for an international organisation. The US dominates the UN, arrogating to itself the right to withhold visas for international politicians that is doesn’t like. The Security Council is similarly ludicrous. The qualification for membership of this elite club is possession of nuclear weapons, although this is but a necessary but not sufficient condition. Germany, Europe’s most important country, is not a member and carries no hope of ever being one. Britain is guaranteed a seat at the top table by virtue of finishing on the winning side in World War II and possessing a large number of nuclear weapons.

The idea that one country can veto a proposal that may be supported by every other country in the world is similarly perverse, and has contributed to the worldwide perception that the UN’s lacklustre and powerless.

Respect supports the idea that the UN should be based in Switzerland, declared extra-territorial and guarded and maintained by the UN itself, paid for by increased cost for participation. Membership of it would carry extra responsibility to adhere to the conditions set by the UN, not as at present where countries are endlessly rewarded for ignoring or transgressing resolutions. Voting power should be more reflective of population size, and no one country can have a veto over a resolution. The UN would be committed to ensuring peace around the world, with a politically neutral peacekeeping force that would not be dominated by one or more single countries.

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