9/12/07 Salon Blanco: Banco del Sur.

Latin America

The ‘pink tide’ movement for cooperation and unity across Latin America and South America is one of the most important and encouraging geopolitical developments of our time. The Latin American quest for financial and political independence from American hegemony and neo-imperial rule is exactly the standpoint that needs to be followed in other places around the world. We believe that the position being taken by this movement,¬†which follows in the footsteps of Che Guevera and Fidel Castro and was most powerfully represented by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, is the model by which others will later follow. It is our hope that the Arab world will finally realise the power of its own potential, free from the diktat of big powers, who through their imperialism seek only to divide and rule them.

We support the idea that Britain should be looking ‘south of the border’ for a more balanced geopolitical stance; towards Latin America as opposed to the United States of America, and we would welcome the opportunity to cultivate closer links with our sister parties in the Latin American region.


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