Respect believes that the conquest and exploitation that defined the colonial period has persisted. It has plagued the contemporary age through the process of imperialism. We see this in the manner  imperial powers such as United States and Great Britain have invaded and occupied countries (like Iraq and Afghanistan) but also the method in which multinational corporations have soon followed the tanks and F-16 fighter jets. Respect believes that the natural resources of a nation belong to the citizens of that country and not to foreign oil tycoons or investment bankers based in the U.K and the U.S. We believe our governments should stop working in the interests of the likes of Halliburton and BAE systems, and start working in the interests of the British and American public, who are evidently tired of over 10 years of war.

We have seen that the wars launched by Blair and Bush have actually made the world a more dangerous place. Since they began, the U.K alone has witnessed deplorable acts of terrorism on the homeland; it has wasted billions of the taxpayers money on two unsuccessful wars and it has needlessly sacrificed the lives hundreds of British soldiers. Respect is determined to cast British imperialism to the confines of history and it appears we are moving in the right direction. The failure of the coalition government to manipulate the Houses of Parliament into engaging in a disastrous conflict in Syria is testament to this change of attitude.

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