Arab World

Just as the Latin American countries have successfully extricated themselves from the tangled web of American hegemony and have begun the march towards unity, we support the idea that the Arab world should strive to do the same. The Arab World is one of the most important regions on the earth, 350 million people, where East meets West and under which is located the most important mine of natural resources like oil in the world.

Respects supports the idea of Arabs working towards unity, so they are not subject to the divide-and-rule policies of the imperial powers.

Respect also supports the struggle towards a democratic system the Middle East, believing that this will bring in an era of governance that is more answerable to the people who elect those governments and less answerable to the big powers who were using the collaborating dictatorships to rule the region by proxy. But we do not support the idea that the big powers can continue to rule by proxy by funding the revolutionary causes to replace regimes that they don’t like. It is up to the Arab people to decide who they want to rule them.

The biggest problem facing the Middle East is the unresolved Palestine question. There will be no peace without justice in Palestine. Respect supports the idea of a democratic bi-national solution of one state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea in which all people, Jews, Muslims and Christians live equally; one man, one woman, one vote. In the meantime, we believe that part of Britain’s foreign policy should be to strike a more balanced approach to the Israel/Palestine issue, reflecting the interests of our own people and recognising that Britain holds partial responsibility for the problem by their participation in the creation of the state of Israel.

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