Respect supports Pan-African Unity advocated by the great Patrice Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah. We believe that only through united economic, social and political cooperation, can the whole of Africa rise and finally become a land of prosperity and opportunity.

Africa has long suffered from exploitation by external forces, whether it be States or Multi-National Corporations; both have prioritised their own greed and self-interests over the needs and interests of the African people. The Respect Party understands that the predatory nature of modern imperialism is not likely to change any time soon; thus, we stress the need for African collective self-reliance, for the empowerment of Africans to work towards a situation where Africans are actually the primary beneficiaries of Africa’s natural resources.

Respect aspires for Africa to become a continent that, collectively, possesses the power to negotiate the terms of a fair and just relationship with external State and non-State actors – as opposed to the centuries of power and domination, which at every level has resulted in the subjugation and exploitation of African people and their land.

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