George Galloway

Galloway goes to law to set aside election result

    George Galloway, who lost his seat in Bradford West to Labour’s Naz Shah, has begun the legal process to have the result of the election set aside and his opponent debarred.

“It has come to my notice that there has been widespread malpractice in this election,” he said, “particularly over postal voting. We are in the process of compiling the information which will form part of our petition to have the result set aside.”

Galloway has also added to his complaint under Section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983, which concerns false statements made with the intention of affecting the result of an election.

    “An allegation made by Naz Shah in Urdu on a well-watched Asian TV show is both untrue and extremely serious,” Galloway added.

    The complaint to the Director of Public Prosecutions also takes issue with the claim Ms Shah has made, and the ‘certificate’ she produced to back it up, that she was previously married aged 15 in Pakistan. An affidavit has been obtained from what appears to be the sole surviving ‘witness’ to the ceremony who says that he wasn’t there, that it is not his signature on the document and he believes that it is forged. There are also other discrepancies on the document. The Labour party were informed of this prior to the election.

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