Galloway reacts to Morrisons job losses

    Reacting to the news of 720 job losses at Morrisons in Bradford George Galloway said: “The previous chief executive was famous for casting a mist over herbs, the new one will be infamous for his savage casting of people onto the dole in one of the country’s unemployment blackspots. Why is it that the failure of management always results in jobs going? The least responsible, the most vulnerable are always the first to go.”

    George Galloway is the former Member of Parliament for Bradford West and the prospective Respect candidate for the constituency. “Unemployment in Bradford West is already almost double the national average, we’re sixth from the top of the league you’d want to be bottom of, that’s on the jobless. If I am re-elected in Bradford I’ll be banging on the door of the next employment minister demanding special status for the city and major investment in jobs, particularly for young people.”

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