Respect chooses its Heaton ward candidate

    Respect has selected 35-year-old mother of two Halima Afza to fight the Heaton ward in the May council elections.

    Respect leader George Galloway said: “I was knocked out by Halima. She intelligent, deeply committed and a Bradfordian born and bred. I’m confident that she will electrify the council chamber – and goodness knows doesn’t it need electrifying?!”

    Galloway said that other announcements about candidates would come in the next few days. “We’re bent on holding the balance of power in this next council so that no decision detrimental to the people of Bradford can go through on a nod or a three-line whip.”

    Halima Afza added: “I am a great believer in family values and community cohesion. I believe deeply that families and communities can together create a safer more prosperous city. I want to listen to the voices of working class Bradfordians  and work towards realistic and achievable goals for Heaton and Frizinghall .

    “As a  British female Muslim in today’s political climate I feel it is imperative that positive role models become representative of the people, whatever their faith and background, and can become the key to dispelling and fighting the narrative in relation to inequality and injustice. I am proud of the rich culture and array of  diversity Bradford has to offer.”

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