2014 Local Elections

Welcome to the page detailing our candidates for the upcoming local elections on May 22nd. Please click on the election leaflets to enlarge them.

If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@respectparty.org



Bradford Naweed Manningham-2-page-001 Bradford Naweed Manningham-2-page-002

Respect Peter Davis Heaton-page-001 Respect Peter Davis Heaton-page-002

Respect Ashraf Miah B&B 3-page-001 Respect Ashraf Miah B&B 3-page-002

Bradford Syed City-page-001 Bradford Syed City-page-002

BDF Moor ASH 4-page-001 BDF Moor ASH 4-page-002

BDF LH Shamsher Malik-2-page-001BDF LH Shamsher Malik-2-page-002

Bradford Keighley East Murtaza-page-001Bradford Keighley East Murtaza-page-002

BDF Great Horton Joseph-page-001 BDF Great Horton Joseph-page-002 facebook Joseph Hayat - Great Horton Election



Twitter: @RespectRoth


ROTH Sarah 2-page-001 ROTH Sarah 2-page-002

ROTH Raisah 2-page-001ROTH Raisah-page-002


North West

MAN Colette 2-page-001 MAN Colette 2-page-002

MAN Catherine 2-page-001 MAN Catherine 2-page-002



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Rochdale M&D Dawud Islam-page-001 Rochdale M&D Dawud Islam-page-002

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